Directions to Emerald Hill Gardens

1 Greenwich Lane
Brooklyn, NY 98765

Public Transportation


Take the 8 or 9 to Nulles Ave. and walk two blocks North.


Take the B314 to the Arcadia Ave stop, get off and walk one block South, and then walk three blocks East along Thetical Street.
OR Take the B159 to Exemplar street and get off at Casper Ave.

* In Planning a trip to EHG via public tranportation, please check the New York City Transit Service Advisories page for any possible changes in schedules or service.


Take the Weireffer Parkway to the Arcadia Ave. S. exit, and drive a 1/2 mile South along Arcadia Ave. until just before Thetical Street. make a left into our parking lot to park within.


Parking is open from a half-hour before we open to a half-hour after we close (9:30am-6:30pm on most days— see the main page for more detailed schedule information), and is subject to availability. A fee of $4/hour is charged for cars and $6/hour for buses. If planning a school trip, call ahead us ahead of time at 222-555-9999 to assure that there will be space reserved for your buses.