About Emerald Hill Gardens

Emerald Hill Gardens is a park administered for the public benefit by a trust whose board members are community members alected by the park's members. For admission, a donation of $10 is suggested for adults, $7 for children and seniors.

Mission Statement

Emerald Hill Garden Trust aims to provide an oasis amid the bustle of New York City where residents and visitors can enjoy natures beauty and variety and learn to care for plants and the environment as a whole.


The garden was originally the estate of the late philanthropist Mrs. Gertrude Emerald, who passed away in 1927. Mrs. Emerald, a long time horticulturalist, was committed to the establishment of gardens throughout the city for beautification and the benefit of New York City residents. Mrs Emerald promoted the idea that "gardens serve to reconnect the city-dweller with Nature, which, not contenting its self to be the wellspring of aesthetic beauty, also brings peace to Man's soul, for in contemplation of it Man may more clearly reflect on inconsequence of his petty affairs before the grander spectacle of Life."

In her will, Mrs. Emerald provided for the creation of a non-profit trust, which has administered the park since. The eponymous hill at the northern end of the park was given its present name at a ceremony marking the beginning of the original renovation of the estate to serve as a park open to the public.

Since its opening to the public in 1928, the park has continuously served the public. Over the years, various addtions to its facilities and activity offerings have been made, and we continue to look for ways we we can improve and further benefit the public.